Jaclyn Alexis

infinity sign, glitter, opals, rings, autumn, avocados, manhattan, central park, tiffany's & co., red velvet cupcakes, halloween, pumpkins, juicy, nail polish, candles, pinkberry, kiwi's, the boardwalk, books, photography, rain, honey roasted sunflower seeds & thunder

I don't want to be forgotten, i want to leave a mark, and change lives.
"Love is a color only the blind can see." -John Lennon
I dislike people who are rude, and feel the need to impress and prove themselves to me. I don't want people to change who they are because I'm sure you all are pretty wonderful(: I love who am, not everything, but most.

I am so thankful to have my bestfriend a.l.d.<3 she has been there for me through everything; I love her to death. "Its not worth living, if you can't feel alive," t.p.<3 Although I have my own share of problems, I love helping people out & giving advice too. If anyone needs anything just ask (: Also, these photos are not mine. If it is I will let everyone know. I don't always follow back, but i will check out your blog (: ♥